Eyelash Extensions


Special Introductory Prices!

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1| Classic full set (1D)


$85.00 special

The classic full set consists of one synthetic eyelash extension per your one natural lash. This is a great set for authentic natural looking lashes with only the goal of extending your natural lashes. Lash newbies love this set.

Original Price: $135.00


2| Hybrid Full set (1D-4D)


$125.00 special

The hybrid full set is 50% of a classic set and 50% of a light volume set. Still a natural look but fuller looking because we are adding 3 to 4 thin synthetic lashes per your one natural lash. This set is the most popular.

Original Price: $170.00


3| Volume Full Set (3D-8D)


$150.00 special

The volume full set consists of up to 8 thin synthetic lashes per your one natural lash. Get fuller looking lashes with this volume set. A wonderful set to have for your photoshoot sessions.

Original Price: $200.00

Lash Fills

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+$15 for additional 15 mins

Should you come with lash extensions that need extra cleaning due to the build up of makeup or lack of cleaning, you can add 15 minutes to your appointment for an additional $15.00. Clean lashes is a requirement to ensure that your lashes last as long as possible for you. This is subject to your lash artist’s availability.

Available for lash fills under 3 weeks only.

Special introductory prices are subject to change without notice.

TIME NEEDED FOR YOUR FILL (Approx. Time): Classic Fill : 1.5 hours | Hybrid Fill : 1.5 - 2 hours | Volume Fill 1.45 - 2.25 hours

2-3 weeks

Most clients come back within 2-3 weeks after their full set or their last fill. How frequent you come back is based on your personal lash retention. Clients who have a more active lifestyle and/or oily skin are recommended to come back sooner as lashes tend to lose their retention more. See aftercare notes below on how to keep your lashes on longer. Lash fills after 4 weeks is considered a full set.

50% full

You must have 50% of your lashes remaining for it to be considered a fill. The time allotted for a lash refill appointment includes time to take off outgrown lashes to keep your natural lashes healthy. Less than 50% of your lash extensions remaining means you will not be getting a set as full as before with the time permitted. You will be charged more up to full set pricing if this is the case.

clean lashes

Clean lashes are essential to having a successful lash appointment. When you come back for a lash fill with eye makeup residue, and skin and oil debris, this effects your lash extension retention and may be more costly for you.


Outside Lash Fills

Approximate Time : 2.5 hours

We welcome lash fill appointments that were not previously done by us. Please have at least 50% of your lash extensions still in tact.

During your lash consultation, if you have very outgrown lashes or makeup/oil/skin debris build up or damaging lash extensions from your previous lash artist, your lash extensions may need to be removed and a full set will be applied. Please notify us during booking if this is the case.


Eyelash Extension Notes


  • Arrive on time. Consider travel and time to find parking, etc.

  • No caffeine.

  • Use the restroom beforehand as it will take time from your lash appointment to take off pads and tape so you can open your eyes.

  • Bring rewetting eye drops, if needed.

  • No contacts since you will have your eyes closed for a long time and it may cause dryness.

  • CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN your lashes before you arrive. Clean lashes mean MORE time for your lash fill and longer lasting lashes.

  • Bring your own earphones/air pods. Your lash artist will be tuning into books, music and podcasts with her own earphones.


  • Be ready to close your eyes for the whole duration of your lash appointment until you are asked to open them.

  • No calls and/or texts, although we understand emergency needs. Use this time to relax and rest.

  • Any movement of your body will effect the lashing process as we are very close to your eyes with sharp tweezers and need to be extra careful. This also means no talking so your eyes and hands are not moving.

  • Listen to a book, music or podcast.

  • We encourage naps!


  • No mascara. It is no longer needed once you have lash extensions on.

  • Clean your lash extensions daily with an oil-free foaming wash and a small fluffy makeup brush.

  • Do not pull off your eyelash extensions. It is best to let it fall off naturally.

  • Avoid sleeping on your lashes.

  • Avoid heat from smoking, cooking and blow dryers as it may singe your lashes.

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